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Investigations Unit

Sean Chaney, CFE, CIGI

Supervisory Inspector General for Investigations

The Investigation Unit (IU) investigates allegations of improper or illegal activities by local school system employees, contractors, or other entities doing business throughout the State of Maryland. The OIGE receives allegations of waste, fraud, and abuse from various sources, including mail, email, walk-ins, referrals from other departments and outside agencies, and through the OIGE’s Fraud Hotline. The IU also receives referrals from the OIGE audit unit.

The Supervisory Inspector General for Investigations heads the IU and is a direct report to the Deputy Inspector General. The Deputy Inspector General serves as the principal adviser to the Inspector General on investigative matters with responsibility for directing the staff assigned to the Investigations Unit. The team’s workload consists of proactive projects and investigations designed to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.