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Immediate Office

Douglas Roloff

Deputy Inspector General

The Deputy Inspector General is responsible for the day-to-day management of OIG operations and coordination of the activities of each OIG component. Mr. Roloff works closely with the Inspector General to lead the full range of OIG activities, including assisting the Inspector General in developing and implementing strategic initiatives, directing the OIG’s statewide audit and investigative programs, supervising legal and administrative management programs, and engaging with critical stakeholders to include Department leadership and members of the General Assembly and their staffs.

Elliott Schoen, Esq.

Counselor of Advice – Assistant Attorney General

The Counselor of Advice directly supports the Inspector General, the Deputy Inspector General, and other senior OIGE leadership on the full range of OIGE activities, including legislative, strategic, and risk management matters. Mr. Schoen provides advice and recommendations on OIGE functions, programs, and work products.